Monday, January 18, 2010

Opera House opening creates excitement

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s not from a post-holiday giving buzz but I’m incredibly excited about the upcoming opening of the McPherson Opera House at the end of this month.
First the fact the Opera House will bring in many new visitors to town makes me a happy CVB director. I’m lucky to get to work with my predecessor Judy Casey on marketing the first season of shows at the Opera House. Judy is just one of the many volunteers that has brought the Opera House back to life. I’d love to run through a list of them all but I’m afraid I’d overlook someone. You can volunteer at the Opera House too by calling 241-1952.
Second, I’m anxious to see a show in the remodeled auditorium. Though the grand opening will be for private donors, there will be ample opportunity in the coming months to see a show. Here’s the most recent list I have of scheduled shows for 2010.

Jan. 30 Free movies

Feb. 14 Tap Kids

Mar. 9 David Munnelly Band

Mar. 12-13 Cats Off Broadway

Mar. 20 Comedian James Gregory

Apr. 23 Brasil Guitar Duo

May 15 The Eric Vaughn Magic Review

June 12 The Three Little Pigs, Wichita Children’s Theater

June 19, 20, 25, 26, & 27 The Wizard of Oz, McPherson Community Theatre

Sept. 18 The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Oct. 2 Galactic Cowboy Orchestra

Keep up-to-date on the latest shows at

January through March is typically a slow time of year for tourism in McPherson. We are firing up the trolley during those months for historical trolley tours for elementary, middle and high school classes. If you’d like to sponsor a tour for your child’s class at an extremely affordable rate, give me a call at (620) 241-3340.


14-17 VFW Mid Winter Conference, Holiday Inn Express, 25 rooms

21-23 Sunflower Chapter NAIFA, Holiday Inn Express, 20 rooms

29 Days Inn, 20 rooms

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